yellow fin seafood restaurant

Featured Foods


Sinigang na Salmon Head

Food type: Soup

Price: ₱158.00


Tortang Talong

Food type: Vegetables

Price: ₱85.00


Tuna Laing

Food type: Fish

Price: ₱65.00


Chicken Inasal

Food type: Chicken

Price: ₱135.00

yellow fin seafood restaurant

Yellow Fin Seafood is a restaurant that serves up some of the best seafood in Davao City. The menu has all sorts of amazing options, so you can find something new and exciting every time you go!




082 297 8777


"I was so excited to try this new place. My friends and I went there last Friday, and it was delicious. The food was cooked well and tasted great, and the employees were all very friendly. I recommend this place to everyone!" -Anonymous

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